1. Pennie Enrollment Toolkit

Marketing Materials from Pennie

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Download Pennie’s Handouts & Flyers

Pennie's Qualifying Life Events Flyer

All you need to know about qualifying life events through Pennie

New Qualifying Life Event through Pennie Palm Card

Learn more about Pennie’s new qualifying life event

Meet Pennie

Allow us to introduce ourselves, a quick introduction to who we are & what we do

Pennie's Perfect Plan Flyer

Find out how to find the perfect plan for your life and budget

Pennie Palm Card

An easy to display and distribute palm card


Parallel-Fold Brochure

A brochure perfect for an office, community center, etc.

Guides to Designate a Pennie Broker or Assister to a Customer

Easy guides to designate a Pennie Broker or Assister to a customer’s account.

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Meet Pennie Flyer

Path to the Perfect Plan Flyer

Pennie Palm Card

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